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Your ONE source for LIVE EDGE slabs

We have soooo many slabs! Walnut, Maple, Oak, Pine, Locust, Poplar, Cherry....You name it we have it. We have been cutting and storing slabs for decades and we are ready to SELL them!


Looking to build an Epoxy River Table?

We have slabs perfect for epoxy finishes or river tables. Check out our Epoxy section.

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  • Better Quality

    Our slabs are aged over 5+ years naturally as well as kiln dried. They are stored in a temperature controlled environment. Every slab has been planed and tested for moisture content. These slabs are prestine and quality Pennsylvania hardwoods

  • Better Pricing

    Our prices are going to be well below the competition! Why? Because we have so much inventory that we are ready to move. We have been cutting and storing slabs for the past two decades and we are now ready to move them! Our inventory needs reduced so we are marking prices down. Take advantage of it!

  • Better Selection

    We have all kinds of shapes and sizes as well as different species of wood slabs. If you are looking for epoxy slabs, we have them! If you want large tables, we have them! Want a coffee table top slab or a bar top slab? Yep, we have them. Looking for walnut or maple or cherry or any other species of wood....you guessed it, we have them!