About Us

Live Edge Wood Tops is based out of the heart of the hardwoods country in Pennsylvania.  We have been cutting and storing slabs for the past two decades.  Our slabs are top quality and aged a minimum of 5 years as well as kiln dried, stored in a climate controlled environment and tested for moisture.  We have a large selection of wood species from all across Pennsylvania.

Experience and Quality Craftmanship

Turn our raw slabs into beautiful works of art. We have been cutting, drying and creating furniture out of these beautiful Pennsylvania hardwoods for over 20 years. We have a large selection of slabs to choose from including a variety of species as well as sizes.

Shop Wood Slabs
  • Aged 5+ Years

    All of our wood slabs are aged over 5 years. Most of them are ten to 15 years old and stored inside so you know you are getting quality slabs

  • Kiln Dried

    All of our slabs are kiln dried. That means no warping because the moisture has already been removed from them.

  • Planed

    All of our slabs have been run through the planer so they are cut evenly at the designated thickness.